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Be Still: 120 Devotions for a Peaceful Heart

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Publisher: B&H Books
ISBN: 9781087751757
Type: hardcover

Be Still offers 120 devotions to remind its readers to find stillness and peace in a very busy world.

The world keeps spinning. How many have felt the need to keep up?

Are you tired? Has the world exhausted you? Let's face it. We have jobs to work, kids to raise, spouses to support, and if we take the time to list every little responsibility, we would probably feel like we?re drowning. If we were to live this life on our own, that feeling would be true. We, however, are not meant to live this way.

In Be Still, discover timeless truths that remind the reader to rest, to wait, and to trust in an amazing God. Throughout this devotional, the reader will find 100 messages of faith, thanksgiving, and reminders of God's providence that will leave the reader with a peaceful soul and a still heart.

Regular price $4.80
Regular price $12.99 Sale price $4.80