By Kidd, Thomas S.

America's Religious History: Faith, Politics, and the Shaping of a Nation

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Publisher: Zondervan Academic
ISBN: 9780310586173
Type: Hardcover

Religion, race, and American history.

America's Religious History is an up-to-date, narrative-based introduction to the unique role of faith in American history. Moving beyond present-day polemics to understand the challenges and nuances of our religious past, leading historian Thomas S. Kidd interweaves religious history and key events from the larger story of American history, including:

  • The Great Awakening
  • The American Revolution
  • Slavery and the Civil War
  • Civil rights and church-state controversy
  • Immigration, religious diversity, and the culture wars

Useful for both classroom and personal study, America's Religious History provides a balanced, authoritative assessment of how faith has shaped American life and politics.

Regular price $8.90
Regular price $24.99 Sale price $8.90