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Publisher: Brazos Press
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Genomic science indicates that humans descend not from an individual pair but from a large population. What does this mean for the basic claim of many Christians: that humans descend from Adam and Eve?
Leading evangelical geneticist Dennis Venema and popular New Testament scholar Scot McKnight combine their expertise to offer informed guidance and answers to questions pertaining to evolution, genomic science, and the historical Adam. Some of the questions they explore include:
- Is there credible evidence for evolution?
- Do we descend from a population or are we the offspring of Adam and Eve?
- Does taking the Bible seriously mean rejecting recent genomic science?
- How do Genesis's creation stories reflect their ancient Near Eastern context, and how did Judaism understand the Adam and Eve of Genesis?
- Doesn't Paul's use of Adam in the New Testament prove that Adam was a historical individual?
The authors address up-to-date genomics data with expert commentary from both genetic and theological perspectives, showing that genome research and Scripture are not irreconcilable. Foreword by Tremper Longman III and afterword by Daniel Harrell.
Foreword by Tremper Longman III
1. Evolution as a Scientific Theory
2. Genomes as Language, Genomes as Books
3. Adam's Last Stand?
4. What about Intelligent Design?
5. Adam, Eve, and the Genome: Four Principles for Reading the Bible after the Human Genome Project
6. Adam and Eve of Genesis in Their Context: Twelve Theses
7. The Variety of Adams and Eves in the Jewish World
8. Adam, the Genome, and the Apostle Paul
Afterword by Daniel Harrell

Regular price $9.60
Regular price $19.99 Sale price $9.60