By McKnight, Scot

Acts (New Testament Everyday Bible Study Series)

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Publisher: HarperChristian Resources
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This series provides individuals, Bible study groups, and churches scholarly insight and practical application for each book of the New Testament to discover what it means to follow Jesus in today?s culture.

The book of Acts shows the spread of the gospel?from a band of apostles all the way to the Roman Emperor. Luke, the writer of Acts, highlights the mission the church is on to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ. But the mission is not of their own making. It's God's, and his mission is the unifying factor for everyone involved, then and now.

Luke's account of the early church shines a light on our purpose today. Scot McKnight shows how we are called by God to participate in God's mission in the world to redeem it through Jesus Christ.

  • What does this mission look like in all its ups and downs and unexpected twists?
  • How does being a part of this godly mission open us to virtues like courage, generosity, and ethnic-sensitivity?
  • How do we understand and apply the core message of Luke to our circumstances and conditions?

Exploring the links between the Bible and our own times, McKnight shares perspectives that reveal the enduring relevance of the Book of Acts for our lives today. Ideal for personal reflection or group study, Acts will help you see God in the biblical context so you can hear from God in your context.

In the New Testament Everyday Bible Study Series, widely respected biblical scholar Scot McKnight combines interpretive insights with pastoral wisdom for all the books of the New Testament. Each volume provides:

  • Original Meaning. Brief, precise expositions of the biblical text and offers a clear focus for the central message of each passage.
  • Fresh Interpretation. Brings the passage alive with fresh images and what it means to follow King Jesus.
  • Practical Application. Biblical connections and questions for reflection and application for each passage.
Regular price $6.50
Regular price $16.99 Sale price $6.50