By LeStrange, Ryan

A Higher Dimension: Enter a World of Prophecy, Miracles, and Glory

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Publisher: Charisma House
ISBN: 9781629997032
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This book will show you what it means to function in the realm of God's kingdom and how I can demonstrate its power.

Declarations to activate readers to move in the supernatural realms of God

You weren?t born into a season. You were born into a dimension.?

This book will show you what it means to function in the realm of God?s kingdom and how you can demonstrate its power.

A dimension is not a time but a space, a place, and a location. The Bible speaks of the kingdom of God as a realm. By becoming Christians, we move into the space of the kingdom. And as we come into proper understanding of the weight and reality of the kingdom, we are able to subdue the forces of hell at work in the earth realm.

?For He rescued us from the domain of darkness, and transferred us to the kingdom of His beloved Son, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins? (Col. 1:13?14, NASB).

We have been translated or transferred from one place to another. We have been relocated from one realm to another. We have moved from one dimension to another. Through His sacrifice on the cross Jesus paid our debts fully and transferred us from under the authority of darkness into His marvelous power and rule.
We are now fully active citizens of the kingdom, and we are called to dwell in a new dimension. When we function from this dimension, we demonstrate the power of the kingdom and transform the space around us.

This book will encourage believers to access the fullness of the power and authority that is available to them as ambassadors of the kingdom of God by helping them to understand the nature of this dimension and their position in it.

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