By Williams, Michael

30 Old Testament Passages with Deeper Meaning: The Surprising Significance of Seemingly Ordinary Verses

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Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 9780310144328
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An in-depth but accessible examination of the deeper meaning behind 30 Old Testament passages, focusing on cultural, historical, and theological context. Ideal for use as a lay resource, supplemental textbook, or sermon preparation tool.

Feed your curiosity of the Bible by exploring the deeper meaning behind familiar Old Testament passages.

Below the surface of every seemingly ordinary Bible verse lies a deeper meaning just waiting to be discovered. And these hidden insights aren't just reserved for scholars, academics, or pastors. Anyone who knows where to look can uncover the surprisingly significant messages that the biblical authors intended for us to hear.

In 30 Old Testament Passages with Deeper Meaning, Michael Williams seeks to lead believers to a deeper comprehension and appreciation of biblical truth. In each easy-to-read chapter, Williams focuses on one Old Testament verse or passage, and:

  • Examines its cultural, historical, linguistic, and/or theological context.
  • Explains how it is enhanced by the added context and perspective.
  • Provides questions to facilitate further reflection, study, and discussion.

Helping to bridge the gap between the academy and the church, this broadly accessible and edifying book will help everyday Christians get more out of their Bible. Plus, the insightful questions at the end of each chapter make this an ideal small group, Bible study, or expository preaching resource.

Regular price $9.60
Regular price $19.99 Sale price $9.60