By Price, J. Randall; House, H. Wayne

Zondervan Handbook of Biblical Archaeology: A Book by Book Guide to Archaeological Discoveries Related to the Bible

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Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 9780310286912
Type: Hardcover

Explore significant archaeological discoveries pertaining to every book of the Bible.

Laypersons, pastors, students, academics, and anyone looking for a current and comprehensive biblical archaeology resource need look no further. The Zondervan Handbook of Biblical Archaeology provides a wealth of information that supplements the historical context of the Bible, providing a window into the past that will enhance your understanding and enjoyment of biblical text.

Immerse yourself in the world of the Bible with these special features

Introduction to the field of archaeology

Archaeological discoveries in canonical order

The latest photos and information from new discoveries

Aerial photos of excavation sites

Photos of artifacts and historic structures

Sidebars and study helps

Robust glossary

Detailed maps


The Zondervan Handbook of Biblical Archaeology gives readers the opportunity to visit ancient sites and historical places while remaining in the comfort of their own home.

Regular price $20.70
Regular price $49.99 Sale price $20.70