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Christ-Follower: A DVD-Based Study: A Doer of the Word with Passion, Devotion, Connection, Commitment

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Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 9781418544140
Type: Paperback

What does a follower of Christ actually look like, and how can I become one? Christ-follower focuses on the fundamentals of the Christian faith, going directly to the words of Jesus in Luke chapter 6 to answer important questions like, Who does Jesus claim to be? How does he pray? Whom does he bless? How does he treat his enemies? How does he say we should view ourselves? And what does this mean for me today?

This dynamic, multi-media, six-week study is packed with Scripture-based teaching, engaging questions and action steps, video discussion starters, and more to help you grow in your relationship with Christ as you take steps to becoming a doer of the Word rather than a hearer of the Word. You will discover how to live the passionate and committed life of a Christ-follower as you:

  • Worship God enthusiastically
  • Grow in maturity and consistency
  • Connect with the church regularly
  • Serve others unselfishly
  • Share your faith effectively

Features include:

  • Six, five-minute video discussion starters
  • Participant’s Guide with daily readings, questions for personal reflection, action steps for personal growth, questions for small group discussion, a guide for family discussion, and tips for implementing this study in a youth group 
  • Numerous downloadable resources for churchwide alignment available online
Regular price $2.70
Regular price $19.99 Sale price $2.70