By Frisbie, David; Frisbie, Lisa

The Soul-Mate Marriage: The Spiritual Journey of Becoming One *Very Good*

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Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
ISBN: 9780736922456
Type: Paperback

Can couples realistically hope to become soul mates? Can they learn to create deeply intimate relationships? David and Lisa Frisbie review up-to-date studies showing that marriage is still the best environment for couples to enjoy health, happiness, and more. This informative and entertaining guide reveals practical steps for developing spiritual intimacy through practices like these:

  • tapping into the unifying power of prayer
  • creating a safe haven by removing masks and living transparently
  • admitting mistakes and extending forgiveness
  • facing sorrow, disappointment, and loss as a team
  • growing together through many seasons and years

Readers will be inspired by the Frisbies’ interviews with several couples who have developed long-term, highly successful relationships. Husbands and wives will find new motivation and resources to lead them on their spiritual journey of becoming one.

Regular price $2.10
Regular price $13.99 Sale price $2.10