By McGowan, Kristina

More Modern Top-Down Knitting: 24 Garments Based on Barbara G. Walker's 12 Top-Down Templates

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Publisher: Stewart, Tabori and Chang
ISBN: 9781617690334
Type: Hardcover

Barbara Walker’s Knitting from the Top, originally published in 1972, is a treasure trove of inspiration about the technique of knitting garments from the top down (for example, knitting a sweater from the neck down to the hem or a hat from the crown down to the brim). In 2010, STC Craft published Kristina McGowan’s successful Modern Top-Down Knitting, a collection of fashion-conscious top-down designs inspired by Walker’s book. Knitters not only loved the technique, which allows for easy, try-on-as-you-go custom fitting, but also applauded McGowan’s modern sense of style. For More Modern Top-Down Knitting, McGowan has dug even deeper into Walker’s iconic work—this time challenging herself to design two garments based on each of Walker’s 12 basic top-down templates. The results come together to form a fresh, stylish wardrobe that includes everything from sweaters and dresses to capes, skirts, hats, and even pants and shorts.
Praise for More Modern Top-Down Knitting:
“ More Modern Top-Down Knitting is a beautiful book, featuring exciting and eminently wearable designs for knitters who enjoy self-expression in their craft. The directions are precise but flexible;the garments are highly fashionable;and the pictures are glorious. I am especially delighted to be honored as an ‘inspiration’ for Ms. McGowan;but indeed her own creativity is very much on display here. The book is a great gift for any knitter.” —Barbara G. Walker, author of Knitting from the Top, the Knitting Treasuries, et al.
“Lovers of top-down knitting—and those who have yet to learn!—will find a wide range of lovely stylish projects in Kristina McGowan’s second homage collection, inspired by Barbara Walker’s classic book Knitting from the Top. The designs in More Modern Top-Down Knitting are wearable and intriguing, with delightful pattern stitches and simple, yet couture-like touches. A warm and beckoning book, suffused with McGowan’s enthusiasm and her elegant approach to knitwear.” —Deborah Newton, author of Designing Knitwear and Finishing School: A Master Class for Knitters
“Take one look at the gorgeous skirt on the cover of Kristina McGowan’s More Modern Top-Down Knitting and you’ll have insta-knitting book crush.” —
“This book takes its time and I encourage you to do the same with it. I spent a morning reading it from cover to cover. This book is full of beautiful writing, photography and patterns.” —
“Kristy is an amazingly talented woman... a really nice book.” —
“The stunning result is 24 modern designs that are feminine with classic embellishments and minimal finishing. Knit gorgeous cardigans, stylish skirts, and more.” — Knit ’n Style
“Experienced knitters will drool over it.” —

Regular price $8.40
Regular price $30.00 Sale price $8.40