By Suelzle, Dan

Misquoted: Rethinking Commonly Misused Bible Verses

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Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
ISBN: 9780736974820
Type: Paperback

Misquoted is the antidote to the Bible Mad Libs that pulls and patches Scripture to fit a fill-in-the-blank narrative until all meaning is lost. It places the most commonly misused verses back into context to further your spiritual growth.

God?s Word or Motivational Mantra?

Does it ever feel as though Bible verses have been repeated so often they have lost their meaning? Like a game of Bible Mad Libs where bits and pieces of Scripture are pulled and patched together to fit a fill-in-the-blank narrative that strays from what God really said.

Misquoted dives into the most commonly misused verses from the Bible?verses that are well worth reclaiming because of the significant impact they can have on your life. You will discover that Scripture, when you consider the context?

  • is not all about us, but Christ for us and the forgiveness of our sins
  • is an ever-flowing fountain of true hope and lasting comfort
  • is not all that mysterious, but when properly understood, has real life-changing power

From God?s great love to his plan and purpose for you, this book will shine new light on the most misused scriptures, placing each verse back into the context it was written so that you can experience the fullness of all the great truths God offers for your comfort, encouragement, and spiritual growth.

Regular price $5.70
Regular price $14.99 Sale price $5.70