By Koceich, Matt

Imagine... The Miracles of Jesus (Imagine...Series)

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Publisher: Barbour Books
ISBN: 9781643521558
Type: Paperback

The Fifth Release in an Epic Bible Adventure Series for Kids
The last thing twelve-year-old John Le remembers (before the world as he knew it disappeared) is flying home through turbulent skies to McCarran International Airport. What happens next can&apos
t be explained as John finds himself in the middle of a wooden boat surrounded by a group of men&mdash
in ancient Israel! Imagine...The Miracles of Jesus is the fifth release in an exciting epic adventure series for kids ages 8 to 12 written by schoolteacher Matt Koceich. The Imagine series brings the Bible to life for today&apos
s kids as they ponder what it would be like to live through a monumental biblical event.
t miss Book 1 in the Imagine Series-- The Great Flood... Book 2-- The Ten Plagues...Book 3-- The Fall of Jericho...or Book 4-- The Giant&apos
s Fall !

Regular price $3.90
Regular price $5.99 Sale price $3.90