By Yarchin, William

History of Biblical Interpretation: A Reader

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"The book is a wonderful resource for the classroom and provides a literary laboratory for student discussion of method and strategy in reading the Bible. Yarchin is a reliable and unbiased guide through the rather complex and argumentative history of biblical interpretation. An exceptional book!"--Charles W. Hedrick, Missouri State University
What questions do interpreters ask of Scripture and how have those questions changed over time? History of Biblical Interpretation starts at 150 BCE and moves to the present in exploring the major developments and principal approaches to interpreting the Bible. Thirty-four chapters survey the most significant methods and provide introductions to the prominent people who exemplify them. Each chapter also presents an original document that demonstrates this person's interpretational approach and includes a reference bibliography for further reading. Whether used as a textbook or in individual study, this excellent introduction to the history of biblical interpretation will open new doors for students of the Bible, theology, and church history.
Introduction: The History of Biblical Interpretation
Part One: Prerabbinic Jewish Interpretation (150 B.C.E.-70 C.E.)
Part Two: Patristic Interpretation and Its Legacy (150-1500 C.E.)
Part Three: Rabbinic Interpretation and Its Legacy (150-1500 C.E.)
Part Four: Modern Interpretation (1500-Present)
Part Five: Late Modern Interpretation (1970-Present)

Regular price $20.10
Regular price $40.00 Sale price $20.10